Meeting attendance

Wednesday, 11th January, 2017 5.30 p.m., Scrutiny of the Administration's Budget Proposals

Venue:   Council Chamber - Council Offices, Narborough

Contact:    Linda McBean
0116 272 7708

Meeting attendance
Attendee Role Attendance Attendance comment
Councillor Geoff Welsh Chairman - Scrutiny Commissioner Present
Councillor David Jennings Vice-Chairman - Scrutiny Commissioner Present
Councillor Bill Wright Vice-Chairman - Scrutiny Commissioner Present
Councillor Shabbir Aslam Member Present
Councillor Marian Broomhead Member Present
Councillor Cheryl Cashmore Member Present
Councillor Adrian Clifford Member Present
Councillor Stuart Coar Member Apologies
Councillor Lindsey Dracup Member Apologies
Councillor Tony Greenwood MBE Member Apologies
Councillor Graham Huss Member Present
Councillor Mark Jackson Member Present
Councillor Trevor Matthews Member Present
Councillor Sam Maxwell Member Present
Councillor Antony Moseley Member Present
Councillor Les Phillimore Member Present
Councillor Louise Richardson Member Present
Councillor Deanne Woods Member Present
Councillor Scarlet Breckon Invitee Apologies
Councillor Sharon Coe Invitee Present
Councillor Alex DeWinter Invitee Apologies
Councillor David Findlay Invitee In attendance
Councillor Chris Frost Invitee In attendance
Councillor Barry Garner Invitee In attendance
Councillor Phil Moitt Invitee Apologies
Councillor Gary Sanders Invitee Apologies
Councillor Alan Tanner Invitee In attendance
Councillor Ben Taylor Invitee In attendance
Councillor Bev Welsh Invitee In attendance
Councillor Terry Richardson Invitee Expected
Councillor Maggie Wright Invitee Expected
Councillor Lee Breckon Invitee In attendance
Councillor David Freer Invitee Expected
Councillor Iain Hewson Invitee In attendance
Councillor Guy Jackson Invitee Expected
Councillor Sheila Scott Invitee In attendance