Committee details

Scrutiny Commission

Purpose of committee



1.                  Policy development and review.  The Scrutiny Commission may:


(a)               assist the Council and the Cabinet Executive in the development of its budget and policy framework by in-depth analysis of policy issues;


(b)               conduct research, community and other consultation in the analysis of policy issues and possible options;


(c)               consider and implement mechanisms to encourage and enhance community participation in the development of policy options;


(d)               question Members of the Cabinet Executive and/or Committees and Chief Officers about their views on issues and proposals affecting the area; and         


(e)               liaise with other external organisations operating in the area, whether national, regional or local, to ensure that the interests of local people are enhanced by collaborative working.


2.                  Scrutiny.  The Scrutiny Commission may:


(a)               review and scrutinise the decisions made by and performance of the Cabinet Executive and/or Committees and Council Officers both in relation to individual decisions and over time (including call-in);


(b)               review and scrutinise the financial performance of the Council and any related financial issues;


(c)               review and scrutinise the performance of the Council in relation to its policy objectives, performance targets and/or particular service areas;


(d)               select for examination and advise on all Corporate policies and plans;


(e)               question Members of the Cabinet Executive and/or Committees and Chief Officers about their decisions and performance, whether generally in comparison with service plans and targets over a period of time, or in relation to particular decisions, initiatives or projects;


(f)                 make recommendations to the Cabinet Executive arising from the outcome of the scrutiny process or direct to the Council if relating to functions reserved to the Council;


(g)               review and scrutinise the performance of other public bodies in the area and invite reports from them by requesting them to address the Scrutiny Commission and its Working Groups and local people about their activities and performance;


(h)               question and gather evidence from any person (with their consent).


(i)                 review and scrutinise matters relating to the Health Service for the area and to make reports and recommendations (in conjunction with the Leicestershire County Council).


(j)                  Co-opt Members who are not on the Cabinet Executive if specific skills and expertise is required.


(k)               Co-opt members of the public and representatives from community groups (with the exception of Members of the Cabinet Executive) to hold the Blaby District Community Safety Partnership to account.


3.                  Finance.  The Scrutiny Commission may exercise overall responsibility for the finances made available to it.


4.                  Annual Work Programme.  The Scrutiny Commission will approve an Annual Scrutiny Work Programme, including the programme of any Scrutiny Panels and ad hoc Working Groups it appoints so as to ensure that the Commission’s, Scrutiny Panels’ and ad hoc Working Groups’ time is effectively and efficiently utilised.


5.                  Annual report.  The Scrutiny Commission must report annually to full Council on its workings and make recommendations for future work programmes and amended working methods if appropriate.


6.                  Leader’s Statement “The State of the Blaby District” - The Scrutiny Commission will receive a report from the Leader of the Council at its first meeting   after  each   annual   Council  Meeting  on  ‘The State  of  the  Blaby District’, the Cabinet Executive’s priorities for the coming year and its performance in the previous year.


7.                  Officers. The Scrutiny Commission may exercise overall responsibility for the work programme of the Officers employed to support their work.          



Contact information

Support officer: Sandeep Tiensa. 0116 272 7640