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Chief Executive and Directors Appointments Committee

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Information about Chief Executive and Directors Appointments Committee

The Chief Executive and Chief Officer Appointments Committee has delegated powers to recommend the appointment of the Head of Paid Service and to appoint Chief Officers and Deputy Chief Officers.




1.                  On behalf of the Council, to draw up a statement specifying:


(a)               the duties of the post concerned;


(b)               any qualifications or qualities to be sought for the post, and


(c)               make arrangements for the post to be advertised, including preparation of a job pack.


2.                  To shortlist, interview and recommend any appointment to the Council for the post of Head of Paid Service.


3.                  To shortlist, interview and appoint any Chief Officer or Deputy Chief Officer.


4.                  To use external consultants to facilitate the short-listing and interviewing process.


5.                  Posts Affected:-


            Chief Executive


Such of the Senior Management posts as determined by the Chief Executive from time to time as being posts affected.



This body reports direct to the Council as appropriate.