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Communities Scrutiny Working Group - Wednesday, 4th September, 2019 5.30 p.m.

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Consider notes of the previous meeting

To approve the notes of the previous meeting.


Notes of the meeting held on 14 March 2019 were approved.


Air Quality Scrutiny Review


Evidence gathering on the impact of air quality on health


To consider a presentation from Julia Knight, Senior Specialty Registrar in Public Health about


·       air quality and health (including asthma as well as other respiratory/ other conditions) for Blaby


·       the focus of further work on air quality and health in Blaby in relation to the  Leicestershire Joint Strategic Needs Assessment 2018-2021





The Chairman welcomed members, officers and the Senior Speciality Registrar in Public Health, Julia Knight to the meeting explaining the presentation and information to be considered would complete evidence gathering in respect of the impact of air quality on health. 


Presentation key points:-


Currently, no clear evidence of a safe level of exposureto PM or NO2 below which there is no risk of adverse health effects.


Damage from air pollution occurs across the life course - from conception to older age.


The total NHS and social care cost due to PM2.5 and NO2 combined in 2017 was estimated to be £42.88 million


Leicestershire Joint Strategic Needs Assessment 2018-21 Air Quality & Health Chapter findings:- 

·       Population groups most affected by air pollution include:

o   Deprived communities

o   Pregnant women, babies and children  (affects foetal growth and birth weight)

o   Older people (65 and older)

o   People who are obese - more vulnerable than others to the effects of exposure to air pollutants.

o   Individuals with existing cardiovascular or respiratory disease – air pollution affects the heart and circulation which can either cause new cardiovascular conditions or make existing conditions worse.

o   Individuals with specific occupational risks – day to day activities of individuals gives unequal exposure to air pollution. Individuals are more at risk if they work in certain industry sectors like construction mining or quarrying. Those that drive vehicles for a living are more at risk of NO2 exposure.


·       The Office of National Statistics 2016-based Population Projections show older adults aged 65 years and above make up 21% of the population in Leicestershire compared to 18% for England in 2018. This is predicted to rise to 27% in Leicestershire by 2041.12


·       Multi-agency action plan next steps:

o   Respond to the recommendations detailed within the Air Quality and Health JSNA chapter.

o   Set out and agree collective ambition and collaborative action for the next 3 years.

o   Workshop session on the 1st October 2019.



·       Collectively, the impact of small improvements such as a 1 g/m3 reduction in fine particulate air pollution in England over 18 years could prevent:-

o   50,900 cases of coronary hear disease

o   16,500 strokes

o   9,300 cases of asthma

o   4200 lung cancers


·       Leics County Council Clean Air Day, June 2019 - various incentives used to encourage County Council staff not use their cars for a day.


·       Improvement opportunities:


o   Joined up work, promoting consideration of health and other issues as core components of tackling air quality.

o   Minimise variation in the number and types of measures being used across District Councils in Leicestershire to improve air quality.

o   Clearer methods for engaging regularly with the public or organisations.

o   Provision of consistent messages about air quality and health across a range of communication channels.

o   Expansion and enhancement of the Leicestershire Healthy Schools programme.

o   Integration of sustainability and health into local planning and design frameworks.

o   Optimisation of green spaces to reduce people’s exposure to poor air quality and encourage active  ...  view the full minutes text for item 2.


Consider work programme and agree the date of the next meeting 13 November 2019.


Members asked the Scrutiny Officer to arrange a meeting  prior to Cabinet consideration of the Annual Air Quality Status report and the Blaby Air Quality Action Plan on 4 November 2019 in order to provide scrutiny comments to Cabinet as necessary in addition to reviewing progress as part of review evidence gathering.


ACTION:- the Scrutiny Officer agreed to circulate the new date when confirmed.