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Wigston Parva Parish Meeting - Wednesday, 9th May, 2018 6.30 p.m.

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Venue: Wigston Parva Church

No. Item


Election of Chairman


The Democratic Services Officer invited nominations for the election of Chair of the Wigston Parva Parish Meeting.


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To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 4 July 2017 (enclosed).


The minutes of the meeting held on 4 July 2017 ,as circulated, were approved  as a correct record.


Funding for St Mary's Church, Wigston Parva


Christine Clark and Rosemarie Simpson presented a report on the finances of St Mary’s Church Wigston Parva.


Contributions from Church of England changed and in June 2017 St, Helen’s took over the running of the finances of St Mary’s after the death of Mrs Page and the resignation of Stuart Page as Church Warden. At that time St Mary’s did not have enough funds to pay the next instalment of the insurance or electricity bill.


Since that time St Helen’s have continued to pay for the running costs of St Mary’s i.e.. The insurance of £470 and electricity of £120, St Mary’s Parish share to the diocese has not been paid and there has been no expenditure and maintenance.


The PCC decided to appeal to the Parishioners of St Mary’s for help in financing the church and to gauge the interest in the village in keeping St Mary’s as a living church.


The response had been very positive. Lynda Hemming has volunteered to hold the key of the church and organise the flowers and cleaning of the church prior to services.


Financially £760 has been pledged for this year which was a fantastic response and will ensure that the insurance, electricity and some of the parish share can be paid.


The Chair thanked Christine Clark and Rosemarie Simpson for their report.


Residents and Cllrs contributed to this item and discussed the possibility of a Community Grant to help with the running cost of the Church.




Matters arising from the Minutes




The Chair reported that the application for a proposal of a change of use of agricultural building to a dwelling house at 1 Church Lane, Wigston Parva had been refused.





Development Proposals


Rail Freight Terminal


Cllr Sheila Scott advised in her report on the position at the moment and the process when Blaby District Council will be involved.


·        Scoping of the site

·        Formal consultation October and November 2018

·        Applicant has confirmed that it will undertake an additional first stage of Public Consultation in June/July 2018

·        Communities affected will be summer 2019


These dates can be flexible.


Everards Meadows


Everards Meadows is underway on the construction of the first phase of the new project and cycle centre will be built during the first phase alongside the spine road, car parking, cycle and footpaths and a bridge over the river soar.



Strategic Growth Plan


Cllr. Sheila Scott reported that the consultation will be completed on the 10th May, 2018. All papers will be collated and findings will be addressed the SGP and MAG teams, If and when details are to hand the meeting will be informed.






Grass Cutting


Leicestershire County Council have terminated the grass cutting contract with Blaby District Council. Highways will deal with grass verges and roundabouts. The Council will continue to cut grass on parks and land owned by them.


The Highways Agency is responsible for grass cutting on major trunk roads and motorways – A5/A46/A42/A52/A14/M1/M69 and any issues should be directed to them.


Refuse Collection


Residents discussed the refuse collection and the impending fortnightly collection.


Sheila Scott mentioned in her report that some concerns had been made regarding medication packaging which take up a lot of space in the recycling bin, she advised that if you contact BDC and explain the situation you may be able have an upgrade size of the bin at no extra charge.


Any Other Business


Fosse Villages – Cllr. Sheila Scott’s Report


Numerous projects are being discussed within Blaby District Council and Leicestershire County Council, these are a long way off, we need to be involved at a very early stage to enable us to get the best deals possible for our Fosse Villages. I am pushing the Parish Council’s in the Ward to move forward as quickly as possible with the Neighbourhood Plan. Blaby  Neighbourhood Plan had a successful referendum in February and will help to shape the development and growth in their Parish. I understand from Stoney Stanton PC that the process is moving with the Fosse Neighbourhood Plan, but there is still a long way to complete the journey.


Wigston Parva Broadband Solution


The issue of broadband for Wigston Parva was discussed at the meeting, a resident had been in touch with the Community Planning Branch at Leicestershire County Council in respect of this matter and an email from them stated that deployment of fibre broadband for the village appeared to be a little closer, and that Wigston Parva is due to benefit from phase 2 extension programme.


The extension is a £4.4m extension to the original Phase 2 which was agreed with  the supplier, and will see deployment of fibre broadband with Openreach

Continue to December of this year.


The email also read, we are yet to receive planning output for Wigston Parva, I suspect that we should get something through in the next few weeks. In the meantime I will contact the supplier and request an update and will get back to you.


The Chairman said that he would keep in touch with the resident to follow up the matter of broadband for Wigston Parva.



Cllr Iain Hewson


Cllr Iain Hewson reported on the following:


·       Fly tipping – the figures were higher this year but the Council was being proactive on this matter.


·       Huncote Pavilion Holiday Club


·       BMX Championships were now being held 28 – 30 September 2018













Traffic in Church Lane Wigston Parva


The Chair reported that there had been a problem with lorries coming into the village due to their sat nav wrongly directing them, and once the lorry had entered the village it was very difficult for them to turn around without causing any damage to the lane.


The residents and Councillors discussed this matter.


Date of next meeting


The date of the next meeting to be arranged in consultation with the Chair for a date in May 2019.