Agenda and minutes

Wigston Parva Parish Meeting - Tuesday, 14th May, 2013 6.00 p.m.

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Venue: Wigston Parva Parish Church

Contact: Mrs D Johnson 

No. Item


Election of Chairman


The Clerk informed the meeting that she had received a letter from Mr Brench the current Chairman stating that he had decided not to stand again as Chairman.


The Clerk confirmed that she had sent a letter to Mr Brench thanking him for his past service as Chairman to the Parish Meeting


The Clerk invited nominations for the election of Chairman of the Wigston Parva Parish Meeting.


Minutes pdf icon PDF 27 KB

To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 29 May 2012(enclosed).


The minutes of the meeting held on  29 May 2012 ,as circulated, were approved  as a correct record.


Matters arising from the Minutes


Hovercraft- The Shades, Coventry Road, Sapcote


The Chairman read out an email from the Senior Environmental Health Officer in respect of the hovercraft racing which read as follows:


“Since May 2012, hovercrafts have been used on a number of days, although the national championships were not held last year. Complaints have been made on several occasions from residents regarding noise from those days. Until the planning applications have been determined, the existing controls through planning and environmental health remain in place. No formal enforcement has been considered necessary.


As you are probably aware Mr Cooper has submitted 2 planning applications which are currently being considered in detail.


I will be making recommendations for suitable conditions to control the noise impacts of the proposal, working with planning colleagues, to attach to any planning permission, should permission be granted. I will obviously be using my knowledge of the site and involvement over a number of years. The fact that residents continue to make complaints regarding noise from the use of hovercrafts on the site highlights the need to ensure that any conditions are carefully worded to effect maximum protection for residents”


Residents discussed the issues in respect of the hovercraft and the Chairman said the he would monitor the situation.


Cllr E White also contributed to the discussion.


Any Other Business


Surface Water


A resident reported that there had been a problem with surface water running onto the highway and the Chairman confirmed that he would report the matter to Leicestershire County Council Highways.


Letter from Mr Brench the past Chairman of the Parish Meeting


The Chairman read out a letter which the Clerk had received from Mr Brench the past Chairman in respect of the following matters:


1.That 3 marker posts had not been completely replaced after they had been damaged.


2.That the markers before the entrance to his property  - Smockington Farm, Watling Street, were damaged by workers who were working on the A5 and needed to be replaced.


3.That he had never received a reply to his request to put safety barriers on  the entrance to his property on the A5 since a car entered the premises after an accident at the junction.




The Clerk confirmed that these were all matters for the Highways Agency and that she had notified them previously of the concerns of Mr Brench and had requested that they respond directly to him.





Date of next meeting


That the date of the next Parish Meeting to be arranged in consultation with the Chairman.