Agenda and minutes

Aston Flamville Parish Meeting
Wednesday, 25th October, 2017 7.00 p.m.

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Venue: Aston Flamville Parish Church

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Minutes pdf icon PDF 60 KB

To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 24 May 2017 (enclosed).


The minutes of the meeting held on 24 May 2017 ,as circulated, were approved and signed as a correct record.


Matters arising from the Minutes


Fosse Villages Neighbourhood Plan


The Chairman reported that work has continued on updating the draft plan following consultation earlier in the year, with the objective of achieving a pre – submission plan by the end of 2017.


St Peters Pathway


Work was completed on the new pathway in late June 2017, and bricks for the pathway were still available to purchase by residents every six months to ensure that it would be viable for the company to install them.


Speeding Traffic


The Chairman advised the meeting that the two residents who volunteered to  be involved in the Sharnford Traffic Action Group meeting were unable to attend on this occasion, but that they would keep in touch with Mike Shirley of the Action Group in respect of future meetings.


A resident had been recording the speed of traffic going out of the village and he had recorded average speeds of 47mph.


The residents were also concerned about the speed of lorries going through the village, especially the Hinckley and Bosworth Bin lorries and Brindley Transport lorries.


The Chairman confirmed that he would write to Hinckley and Bosworth Council and to Brindley in respect of this matter and that he would also write to Leicestershire County  Council.


Cllrs and residents contributed to this item.


Fly – Tipping


Residents were still concerned about the number of fly – tipping incidents within the Parish, and asked if cameras could be installed at various locations.

Cllr Iain Hewson said the he would look into this matter.


Chairman's Report DOCX 13 KB


The Chairman reported on a planning application 17/1206/HH - Greenacres, Aston Lane for the approval of a single storey side extension, linking the garage to the dwelling.


The Chairman advised the meeting that the Aston Flamville Christmas Fair will be held at St Peters Church on Saturday 18 November (10am – 2pm)


Any Other Business


Waste Disposal


The Chairman reported that Blaby District Council was proposing to make changes to the collection of refuse and recycling which was currently a weekly service and that the proposal was to go to a fortnightly service, the Council is consulting with residents to get their views on the proposed changes.


The reason for the proposal was because of the reduction of external funding of £740, 000 within refuse and recycling.


 Larger bins would be available for a household of 1 – 3 residents and a charge will be made for this.


Residents noted that on the consultation there was no indication of what the charge would be for a larger bin, and Cllr Sheila Scott said that she would look into this matter.


New Homes Bonus Grant


The Chairman read out an email from the Accountancy Services Manager in respect of a New Homes Bonus Grant of £249 which had been awarded to the Parish. As the Parish had no services or facilities the Chairman asked the meeting if the £249 grant should go to the St Peters Church fund.


The Chairman asked for a vote from the residents on this proposal and it was agreed unanimously that the grant of £249 would go to the St Peters Church fund.


Manhole Cover and Trees


A resident reported that a manhole cover was broken on Sharnford Road Aston Flamville and also that some trees were overhanging on the highway.


The Chairman reported that he would write to the appropriate authority regarding highway matters.


Facebook Page


It was  agreed that it would be useful to have a Facebook page to keep the village up to date on any matters in respect of Aston Flamville.


Residents said that they would look into this matter.


Councillors Reports


Cllr Sheila Scott and Iain Hewson advised the meeting on various items including the following:


·       The Business Breakfast held on the 27 October had been a great success.


·       The Achievements Awards Evening was to be held again this year and details for nominations was on the Blaby District Council Website.


·       Blaby District Council was hosting the BMX Championships on 21/22/ April 2018.


·       The consultation on the Burbage Neighbourhood Plan was displayed on their website and also in libraries




Date of next meeting


The date of the next meeting to be arranged for a date in May 2018 in consultation with the Chairman.