Agenda and minutes

Member Development Steering Group
Monday, 29th January, 2018 5.00 p.m.

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Venue: Brooks Room - Council Offices, Narborough. View directions

Contact: Democratic Services  0116 272 7638

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Notes of Last Meeting pdf icon PDF 81 KB

That the notes of the meeting held on 27 November 2017 be approved.


The minutes of the meeting held on 27 November 2017 were approved as a correct record.



Athena Feedback & Update

Members will relocate to the Training Room, in order to test the Athena system, and are asked to provide feedback and comments.


Members relocated to the Councils Training Room in order to access the Athena platform, and be guided through its functionality and a module, with the assistance of the HR Advisor for Learning Development & Athena. The key points of this exercise were:


·        Post training evaluation feedback could be incorporated into the Athena system, with training unable to be signed off as finished until these were completed, ensuring a greater number of returns.

·        Members would have the option to stop and start training modules as was convenient, with the Athena platform saving a users progress on any given module which had been started.

·        Athena has the functionality to send reminders to users in such instances where a module had been started but not completed.

·        Athena has the functionality for small documents to be uploaded into training modules/exercises.

·        Athena has the functionality to include more interactive documents, such as a map of the Council offices, showing departments and team locations etc.


Budget Update pdf icon PDF 188 KB


The Senior Democratic Services Officer presented the Budget Update.


Review of PDA Analysis pdf icon PDF 480 KB

Members are asked to provide feedback and comments.


The Democratic Services & Scrutiny Officer presented the Review of PDA Analysis, the key points of which being.


·        44% of Member PDA’s have now been completed, with all political groups now being represented within the overall analysis. Further PDA’s are scheduled to be completed with officer support this week.

·        The common themes arising from the completion of PDA’s has remained consistent, with ‘Chairing Skills’ and ‘Scrutiny & Challenge’ being the most frequently identified areas of training and development need.

·        Training events have either been provided, or scheduled to address many of the common training and development needs.


Review of current PDA form pdf icon PDF 167 KB

Members are asked to provide comments and suggestions as to how the current PDA form can be improved.


The Senior Democratic Services Officer invited member suggestions as to how the current PDA form could be improved. Some key points of this discussion being:


·        The structure of the current PDA form, with it’s stereotypical headings made it difficult to converse, as the structure of any meeting guided by the headings did not flow.

·        A training session for members around the topic of PDA’s could be beneficial, to increase awareness as to their use and function, as well as to encourage Members to self evaluate prior to the PDA meeting itself.

·        Consideration be given to group PDA’s, where a small number of members discuss development needs and strengths as a group, with this potentially encouraging those members who may be less comfortable within a one to one setting to contribute to the process to a greater extent.

·        Potentially adding a section within the PDA form which specifically addressed the I.T needs and skills of members.


Upon the conclusion of Agenda item 5 ‘Review of current PDA form’ the Chair declared that the meeting would now close, with the remaining Agenda Items being deferred to the next meeting.


Date of Next Meeting

Date of the following meeting


·        16th April 2018


The date of the next meeting is 16 April 2018.