Agenda and minutes

Independent Remuneration Panel - Wednesday, 4th January, 2023 5.30 p.m.

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Venue: Brooks Room - Council Offices, Narborough. View directions

Contact: Democratic Services 

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Election of Chairman


The Senior Democratic Services & Scrutiny Officer invited nominations for the election of Chairman of the Independent Remuneration Panel.


Independent Remuneration Panel DOCM 78 KB

Scope of work for the Panel:


1.    Consideration of the 2022/23 Pay Award  

2.    To consider any amendments to the Members’ Allowance Scheme from May 2023



The following documents have been provided to assist the Panel in its work:


1.    Current Members Allowances Scheme

2.    Comparison of Local Authorities (benchmarked data) position regarding pay award if known

3.    Summary Comparison Document – Member Allowances

4.    Pay Increase Comparison

5.    Application of %age average increases

6.    Breakdown of expense claims





Additional documents:


Members of the Panel received a briefing from the Corporate Services Group Manager and Monitoring Officer.


The Panel considered its scope of work before hearing a verbal representation from Cllr Ben Taylor.


The Chairman asked Cllr Taylor to leave the room once representations had been heard to allow the Panel to consider its recommendations.


The Panel considered the 2022/23 increases in allowances and the wording of the Scheme as the Pay Award for Local Authority Staff which is linked to the Members’ Allowances Scheme was agreed on the basis of a set £1925.00 pay award for all staff rather than a percentage increase.


It was felt by the Panel that applying the £1925.00 to the Basic Allowance and each Special Responsibility Allowance would be disproportionate and would have meant an increase in the Basic Allowance of 35% and depending upon the particular role in increase of between 14% - 160% on the Special Responsibility Allowances.


Future Work:


The Panel will consider any additional amendments to the Members’ Allowance Scheme including expenses and Special Responsibility Allowances and will report to the Council in due course with any recommendations arising.