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Scrutiny Commission - Wednesday, 17th March, 2021 5.30 p.m.

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Minutes pdf icon PDF 154 KB

To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 10 February 2021 (enclosed).


The minutes of the meeting held on 10 February 2021, as circulated, were approved as a correct record.


Green - Gathering Your Views pdf icon PDF 366 KB

To consider the report of the Leisure & Regulatory Services Group Manager (enclosed). 




Additional documents:


Considered – Leisure & Regulatory Services Group Manager


Cllr. Lee Breckon welcomed the Leisure and Regulatory Services Group Manager and the portfolio holder Cllr. Sharon Coe to introduce the item.


Cllr. Sharon Coe introduced the team and thanked the officers involved.


Cllr. Sharon Coe handed over to the Environmental Services Manager to begin the presentation which highlighted what they have achieved in the last 12 months.


First year successes and outcomes:


·         Recruiting a green officer

·         Baseline Carbon Footprint

·         Research & Development (conferences, webinars)

·         Climate Change Strategy (June 2020)

·         Carbon Neutral Action Plan & programme of projects.

·         Funding for EV charging points

·         Switch to renewable electricity

·         E-bikes funding

·         Energy Efficiency review of main offices

·         ECO Checklist

·         Green Community Grants

·         Spreading Climate Change/Sustainability message: youth council, schools, parishes, stakeholders

·         Developing partnerships with business and other local authorities on a range of green projects


The Green Officer shared graphs to display our Carbon Budget 2050 target and explained the potential carbon reduction pathways.


The Green Officer also shared with members an example of a day in this role. Example shown below.


·         Met with Housing team to embed climate in new housing strategy.

·         Provide update on EV Charge points and Liaise with EB Charging Ltd to provide update on the installation phase.

·         Liaising with Fleet Management Team to provide data for the Fleet Review Application form.

·         Prepare to give a brief at the next county Environment Green Group  meeting to update on Solar Together project.

·         Draft a brief on the Government ECO Flex & submit a Statement of Intent to delivery partners.

·         Signpost APSE webinars to colleagues (e.g. Parks & Green Spaces, planning team)

·         Site visits –  Meeting with delivery partner on EV charge points installation

·         Liaising with the Communications team to inform residents of charge point rollout


The Leisure and Regulatory Services Group Manager confirmed funding of £441k for Green Home funding and wanted to express the importance that this can be delivered. To enable the funding to be delivered successfully the recruitment of additional team members will be carried out.


The Green Officer presented information to show renewable energy options. They explained how the different types of renewable energy options such as solar panels would improve the councils Carbon footprint.


The Environmental Services Manager presented the immediate future priorities shown below:


·         LAD Phase 2  delivery resource DPS, Project Officer Group and potential external resource.

·         Main offices (LED, Heating, Solar PV).

·         Green Fleet Review

·         Carbon Literacy training for staff/members

·         ECO Flex Facilitates residents to access green homes grants

·         Solar Together - Drive solar uptake

·         Bring about green awareness and behaviour change across the district.



The Environmental Services Manager presented the councils additional aspirations:




·         Seek more funding for EV Charge points

·         Energise Barnsley – (early discussions PV + Battery rollout for Blaby residents)

·         Flex D EV Charging Hub (Narborough Station).

·         Develop an EV Strategy




·         Identify Scope 3 emissions (up to 90% of council emission unaccounted for as yet)

·         Procurement  & Commercialisation strategy review

·         E- bike pilot  scheme (£10k match funded by LCC)

·         Installation of solar panels  ...  view the full minutes text for item 207.


Public Space Bin & District Cleansing Policy pdf icon PDF 329 KB

To consider the report of the Waste Operations Manager (enclosed).

Additional documents:


Considered – Report of the Waste Operations Manager.


Cllr. Lee Breckon welcomed the Waste Operations Manager and Neighbourhood Services and Assets Group Manager who then began the presentation.


The Waste Operations Manager began the presentation by highlighting the three core elements to the policy shown below:


·         To provide a clear and published policy outlining the approach the District Cleansing service takes in fulfilling its statutory duties.


·         To provide a transparent process for managing requests for the installation and/or relocation of public space bins.


·         The adoption of a ‘dual waste bin’ approach whereby litter and bagged dog waste can be disposed of into the same public space bin.


Cllr. Roy Denney expressed concerns over the lack of recycling that would occur with the dual bins, however acknowledged the efficiency of the new policy.


Cllr. Louise Richardson asked whether there has been evidence of these new dual bins causing an increase in dog fouling in other authorities across the country.


The Neighbourhood Services and Assets Group Manager assured members that other authorities had seen no increase in dog fouling after implementing the dual bins and these types of bins should reduce the amount of dog fouling seen in the district due to the increase of sites for the public to dispose of their waste.


Cllr. Sam Maxwell suggested that information be shared for the public on this policy.


The Neighbourhood Services and Assets Group Manager advised members that they are looking at publishing more details and information on the website in the future.









Static Recycling Bring Sites pdf icon PDF 244 KB

To consider the report of the Waste Operations Manager (enclosed).

Additional documents:


Considered – Report of the Waste Operations Manager.


Cllr. Lee Breckon welcomed the Waste Operations Manager and Neighbourhood Services and Assets Group Manager to present their report.


The Waste Operations Manager presented the following 4 key points:


·         To consider the removal of the remaining 10 static recycling bring sites.


·         To eliminate anti-social behaviour at bring sites, prevent fly tipping of waste and improve the appearance and amenity of the surrounding area.


·         To encourage local businesses to dispose of their waste in accordance with legislation.


·         To reduce domestic recycling contamination.


Both Cllr. Nick Chapman and Cllr. Nick Brown shared their concerns regarding a possible increase of fly tipping due to the removal of these bring sites alongside the restricted access to Whetstone recycling and household waste site due to being run on an appointment only based system.


The Neighbourhood Services and Assets Group Manager acknowledged their concerns and advised that the appointment based system was introduced as a response to the Covid 19 pandemic with the potential to be reviewed in the future.


Cllr. David Findlay asked if a more proactive campaign will be introduced around fly tipping in the district.


The Neighbourhood Services and Assets Group Manager advised that campaigns will continue to be circulated and promoted.


Cllr. Louise Richardson suggested that a regular update to the public on the types of enforcements being used to deter fly tipping within the district would be beneficial.


Cllr. David Freer thanked the team for their continued hard work.




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To identify if Forward Plan items require further discussion or information for Scrutiny Members.



No issues were raised for further information or examination.


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