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Audit Committee

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Information about Audit Committee





1.      To advise the Cabinet Executive on Audit and Risk.


2.      To consider requests to write-off Council Tax, Community Charge, NNDR debts and Housing Benefit irrecoverable debts of £5,000 and above in each case.


3.      To consider requests to write-off sundry sundry irrecoverable debts of £5,000 and above in each case.


Audit Activity


To consider the Internal Audit report and opinion, and a summary of internal audit activity (actual and proposed) and the level of assurance it can give over the Council’s corporate governance arrangements and to consider quarterly and other reports in relation to the same.


To consider summaries of Internal Audit reports as appropriate.


To consider reports from Internal Audit on agreed recommendations not implemented within a reasonable timescale.


To consider the external auditor’s Annual Audit and Inspection letter, any other external audit and investigation reports, subsequent action plans and monitoring arrangements, relevant reports, and any reports relating to issues of governance falling within the remit of this Committee to ensure that the Council has responded appropriately and that the Committee are satisfied with the internal control framework.


To comment on the scope and depth of external audit work and to ensure it gives value for money.


To receive an independent report from the Senior Internal Auditor on matters of a serious nature which cannot be dealt with via the normal procedures.


Regulatory Framework


To maintain an overview of the Council’s constitution in respect of contract regulations and financial regulations.


To maintain an overview of the anti-fraud and anti-corruption strategy and ‘Raising Concerns at Work’.


To consider the Council’s annual Statement on Internal Control and to recommend its adoption to Cabinet Executive.


To consider the Council’s arrangements for corporate governance and risk management and agree actions to ensure compliance with best practice.